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How True Independent Private Power Grids Operate

Daytime: Generate, Consume, Store & Sell Energy.

Sunset: Consume, Sell or Load-shift Energy.

"Plan Nothing & Succeed at nothing", it's your future!

Many Rural customers are very surprised at how cheap it is to install a Micro Power Grid & Energy Storage behind the power meter, compared to being Stitched up by the Distributors that charging approx. $10'000 per Power pole into a property, and then they still having to pay for the Power consumed!

However, an investment of under $15'000 we will provide you with a DAT-8 unit, 8x 440W solar Panels and 20kWh of LiFePO4 Energy Storage, a DAT-8 will generate a minimum 35kWh Energy per Day, more importantly a $2'000 Gen-set will Replace the need to be Grid connected, it is that simple!

Not for Large Profit Energy Storage !

:: Our current ENERGY Specials ::

Graphene Super Capacitor Energy Storage Modules,

and 10.24kWh LiFePO4 Power Wall Battery.


This is a Pre-import Savings Offer!

As a Not for Large profit business, were here to sell Dual Axis-solar Trackers (DAT's) and Energy Storage!

We DON'T sell inefficient "Cave-Man" Fixed Rooftop Solar Racking, we leave that for the Solar Retailers.

The rest of this site is here to educate one person at a time, the intelligent ways to become Truly Energy Independent in 2~6 years, using various Energy Generation & Storage Technologies.

We recommend Installing Dual Axis Solar Trackers if you have a clear area free of shading is best, due to there increased in Energy Generation by pointing directly at the Sun from Daybreak to Sunset, that is what Generates Superior Peak Energy, for the longest period each day!

A small DAT Array and Energy Storage system built to match 24 hour Energy Consumption, instantly provides Energy Independence, except for extended Bad Weather or heavier Consumption than Storage, where a small $900, 3.5kW auto-start Gen-set, can be Programmed via the Inverter, to take over & Supply Power to the premises, all whilst Charging the Batteries with the Excess Energy whilst the Gen-set is operating, thus being Very Economical.

All the Facts, Costs & Guidelines are here to show you how !

So, SLOW DOWN, Start Reading, take time by reading this page first, we look forward to hearing from you, after you decide on the System you needs.  This should be based on Consumption or Income, if you are looking to build a 100Kw Micro Power Grid, this can produce *$5'000+ Monthly Income!

Micro Power Grids that Generate, Consume, Storage & Sell there own energy, are truly energy Independent!

For Larger Micro Grids (Generators), recently Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Energy Trading is becoming a game changer in Energy Supply & Demand sector, where you can now purchase your Energy directly from the Generators, thus Cutting out the deceptive named energy Retailers!

Storing Energy & Selling any excess energy or what would normally be Unused energy at a better Rate, is the Secret-Key to energy independence, whilst earning additional Income.

With the disgusting expensive Australian Retail Energy rates, it is Not surprising that in 2019 Australia became the world leader in the uptake of Solar!

We consider that stemmed from the unconscionable price increases forced upon energy Consumers after the State Electricity Commission announced it planned to retire the Hazelwood power station by 2005, BUT instead the year it was to be closed, the Victorian government privatised it and extended its life until 2030, under the condition that the plant became more efficient.

However, in the following years while Coal prices were dropping, energy rates kept on rising, were Australia now has the dearest energy rates in the developed world!

See what Energy companies are actually Australian Owned.

Since the announcement of Hazelwood Power station closure, the "ACCC" & the self governed "Energy Regulator" were caught sitting on there hands, underpinned by weak regulatory control by State Electricity Commission, allowing AGL, Origin & Australian Energy to gain market domination and increase the Energy rate to where they are today!

However, don't despair, as Solar energy provides the quickest, cheapest & most reliable way to replace your total energy consumption, the final step to Total energy independence is storing your excess (un-used) daytime energy in Batteries, that in turn will carry you through from Sunset to Sunrise each day!

If you want to make an even bigger mark on Climate change, then invest in a Bio-Gas Digester, these are becoming a serous player in energy market, Bio-Digesters produce Free Bio-Gas from waste organic products, BioGas can be used in a Gen-Set to power your premises, commonly small domestic bio-gas digesters are used for Cooking, Area Heating or Lighting etc.

So, What does it take to become Energy Independent ?

  1. Generate more Energy from Solar, Wind, Aqua or Gen-set, than your Consumption!
  2. Energy Storage for at Least the kWh energy you Consume between Sunset to Sunrise!

It's That simple !

If you have existing Solar system, adding enough Energy storage will Blackout proof your premises.

Now go get your Power Bill and enter your charges into one of these 10 Investment Calculators, they will show you the time & cost to become energy independent, and from that point onwards, it will be all savings!

Please Note: We do NOT supply Roof-top solar Racking, we are one of the very few offering Dual-Axis Solar Tracking units (DAT), DAT is superior at harvesting energy than any other solar Racking type, a small DAT-4 tracker (4 panel unit) can harvest up to 22kWh/p per-day when fitted with 4x 500W (2kW) solar panels!

Remember: A Micro Grid without energy storage, leaves people enslaved to paying the full retail rate, some 300% more than the feed-in-rebate for energy sent into the state utility grid during daylight hours, and in all cases, having enough stored energy to get you from Sunset to Sunrise, provides Total Energy Independent!

To become Free of the over inflated energy rates the deceptively named Electricity Retailer's charge, read "Making Power Independence Easier to Understand".

If you already have a Solar array this special calculator will show you the break-even investment time to pay off Batteries in power savings, commonly under Three years, all done by self consuming the power you harvest (off-grid people know this), and don't get stitched up by the deceptive electricity retailer rates.

From an investment point, it's that simple !

Food for Thought: Have you ever made money on a Vehicle purchase ?  Usually Not - But in 95% of cases a loan or investment put towards the purchase of "Solar & Batteries", will almost fund itself in power savings alone, and after the break-even point, the savings will continue for decades, where the ongoing savings would pay for a vehicle!

To see how long it will take to repay your investment;

-------- // --------

If you do your research on Batteries, you will find Super Capacitor (SC) and Nickel Iron (NiFe) batteries are the best when it comes to longevity, whilst modern NiFe battery's evolved, they are now 100 year old technology, these batteries are commonly reported to last 30~60+ years.

NB: NiFe batteries do not use acid & require little maintenance other than being topped up with distilled water, with very heavy use you may need to replace the electrolyte every 10+ years or so, this provides a like New battery for the next 10+ years!

The rest of the information on this site explains how to become unchained from the deceptive electricity Retailers & become truly power independent.   REMEMBER: Solar +Batteries & Inverter = FREEDOM !

(*) Approximate, will vary depending on addition of Dual-axis Tracking, Battery size and final equipment purchased.

(#) Approximate, will vary depending of location and at cost Freight charges.

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The Electricity Retailers dirty secrets they don't want people to know: How to make the Electricity Retailers Redundant!

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