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Use the correct link below, then we won't waste our time asking the Required Questions !

If you know what Equipment you require, and are now ready to Purchase, then use this INSTANT Package Deal Purchase Calculator.

Use this link to get Advice, and an initial Costs for a Residential Micro Power Grid, equal to or Less than a 100kW system.   Please Note: 100kW system is the largest you can build if you intend to claim the Government Renewable Energy Credits (REC).

NB: For a 100kW system the REC's refund equates to just over $52'000, that in turn pays for all the Solar Panels & Cabling, thus significantly reducing the pay-back period.

Make an enquire for the investment Cost to supply/build a Private or Community Solar Farm Over 100KW, these are considered a Power Station.

If you ONLY have a Technical Question, then use this form.


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