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Below Questions, allows us to better understand what you are trying to accomplish.

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What System are you Considering ?

We want to remain Grid connected.   We want to go Off-Grid.   We're Un-decided !   We're Off-Grid. 
We require a New Solar array.    Looking to Expand/Replace existing Solar.    Our Solar Generates enough energy.

 Yes, we have Existing Solar that Generates  kWh Day , and our Solar system is a   kW Array 


Do you already have Energy Storage ?

We're Interested in Energy Storage.   Looking to Expand/Replace existing Energy Storage.   We Don't need. 

If you have Energy Storage, what is your existing Storage Capacity ? kW.

What is your current System Voltage ?  Existing Battery Type ?

Providing you Energy storage Capacity gives us good information to advise, unless making existing Storage redundant.


We need to know what your Peak Daily Energy Consumption is or Predicted ?

How often is your Power Billed ? Monthly.     Quarterly.     NEVER - WE ARE OFF GRID.
How much is one of your dearest Power Bill ?  $  inc. all On-Grid service charges.
What is you Service Supply charge ?  $ What your Retailer charge per Bill to supply power & read your meter.
What is your Daily Energy Consumption, per 24 hour ?  kWh

 *ON-grid =Total kWh used ÷ by 90 days, per bill ?

You must provide what your Total Daily kWh of energy Consumption is or will be, so we can offer the correct sized System! 


What is your Energy Consumption from Sunset to Sunrise ?

approx. Energy used from Sunset through to Sunrise ?   kWh. 

=minimum *Battery Energy Storage needed !

That is the Minimum kW Size Energy Storage System starting point, to true Energy Independence!


Do you have a Fuel Generator ?

No. Yes We are Interested in incorporating a back-up Generator.   NB: Generators work On or Off grid.
If you have Generator(s), approx. what is your yearly Fuel cost &/or Litres used ? 

When you invest in Energy Storage, you will Greatly reduce your Fuel Cost when you use a special 3.5kW Inverter Gen-set, it reduce your Fuel cost by over 57%, and makes the Retailers redundant!

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* If energy independence is Required, excluding Generator & Grid supply if available for back-up.

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