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To get a system evaluation & equipment cost, please select the system that Closely matches the kWh of Energy you either Consume OR want to Generate per Day!  As that will save our time asking more questions!

Please Note: We offer Energy Storage (ES), and Dual Axis-solar Tracking (DAT) Racking, Single Axis (SAT) Racking is a little Cheaper, however you will loose out short & long term in Generation, and DAT Racking require 40% less Solar Panels to Generate the Same Energy a Fixed Solar Panel Racking!

Select the link below that closely matches your Energy needs;

Get a Residential Micro Power Grid evaluation

For a Residential Solar Array Under 100kW (=100kWh/p p=peak Energy Generation per hour).

A 100kW Semi-Commercial Solar Farm evaluation

100kW is the largest capacity Solar Farm that is allowed to claim the one-off Governments Payment, offered under the Renewable-energy Credits (REC) Scheme, the REC's scheme is set to end in 2030.

A large MW Commercial Solar Farm Investment evaluation,

Commonly Solar Farm Owners sells there Generated Energy to the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), this commonly requires a signed Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the local Power Distributor.

Solar Arrays over 100KW commonly need to sell there Energy via the AEMO Market if not self consumed or Stored, either way this involves signing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

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As the incompetent policy making bureaucrats are now talking of Charging Solar Owners for Exporting there un-used energy during what is call the mid-day power surge, this over-supply can causes power spikes & could trip a sub-station Black-out on the Distribution lines, that problem is commonly caused by lazy Installers Fixing Solar Panel Racking facing just North, instead of spreading between West to East!

If you are seriously looking to make an income from investing is a large Solar Farm, we recommend you also research Energy Storage, then you can fully benefit from your investment by Not importing any energy, just selling your excess stored energy during peak demand times, this is commonly around sunrise and sunset!

Energy Storage can eliminates the Rip-off Retailer totally if desired, else your Stored Energy is used or sold under a PPA for a Better Export Rate during Peak Demand times, thus reducing the payback period.

We consider it's the Governments job to install Energy Storage to stabilise the State Grid, unfortunately the imbeciles in the Energy sector do little and pretend they know what they are doing, other than waiting for a pay cheque to arrive!

However, the return on investment for a DAT array is approx. 25% per year.

Rural People are fast becoming aware of the superior amount of Energy Generated by DAT Racking, and in turn DAT's require 40% less solar panels, than a Roof-Top installation, and in turn this shortens the Payback time on your investment.

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