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To get an initial evaluation, please select the System that closely matches the kWh or MWh Per Day you want to Generate/Harvest, then we wont be wasting time asking !

Most Residential people are simply looking to reduce there Power bills, or looking to become Totally Energy Independent!

That is what a micro power grid can provide if you take full advantage of the Energy you Generate, by installing Energy Storage.

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Residential Micro Power Grid Evaluation

A system that Generates Under 100kWh per Hour.

semi-Commercial 100kW Solar Farm Evaluation,

This is a system that Generates 100kWh per Hour, and is the largest capacity Solar Farm that is allowed to Claim the Governments Renewable Energy Credits (REC's), that is set to end in 2030.

Commercial Solar Farm Evaluation, for a system that commonly sells there Energy on the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) market place, and needs to sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a third party.

Solar Arrays over 100KW commonly sell there Energy on the AEMO Market, if not self consumed or Stored, either way this involves signing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

As the incompetent policy making bureaucrats are now talking of Charging Solar Owners for Exporting there un-used energy during the mid-day power surge, said to cause a over-supply power spikes on the Distribution lines, nearly all Cave-Man Fixed Solar Panel installations facing just North cause this problem!

If you are seriously looking to make an income from investing is a Solar Farm, we recommend you also research installing Energy Storage, so you can fully benefit from your investment by selling your stored energy during peak demand times, this is commonly before sunrise and around sunset!

Energy Storage eliminates the Rip-off Retailer attitude, where your Stored Energy can be used or sold under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for a Better Export Rate during Peak Demand times, thus reducing the payback period.

We consider it's the Governments job to install Energy Storage to stabilise the State Grid, unfortunately the imbeciles in the Energy sector do little and pretend they know what they are doing, other than waiting for a pay cheque arrives each week,!

However, the return on investment for a DAT array is approx. 25% per year.

Most people get lost on the Energy Generated by a DAT Racking is far superior, and in turn far less equipment & solar panels are needed, and in turn this shortens the Payback time on the investment.

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