Invest in a Private or Community Owned Solar Farm

If you are interested in becoming involved in owning or investing in a Community Solar System, please fill in the form below, and we will provide an initial costs to build a Solar System to suit your budget & location.  We are looking for philanthropic investors looking to build, own all or part of a large Solar System!

A solar farm will provide an ongoing income for decades after the initial 3~4 years break-even period, incorporating energy storage allows for the sale of stored energy at Peak demand times, providing a lot better return on investment.

Whether you are a large energy consumer or just want to create a long term income stream, enter the required information below & we will get back to you ASAP!

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What type of Solar Racking are you looking to install ? (in order of Best Energy Generation)

 Vertical DAT Racking.      Horizontal DAT Racking.      Horizontal SAT Racking.      Fixed Tilted Racking.


What Installation type are you looking to Cost ?


Size of Solar Farm ?

What Size Solar Farm Array are you looking to Build ? kW =  MW Solar Farm.   
#How much Energy are you looking to Generate per day ?  kWh per Day  =  MWh per per Day 
If any, how much energy will the Site Consume per day ?  kWh per Day  =  MWh per Day 
What is the current Grid Connection at the Site ? 

# Dual Axis Solar Racking generates peak energy for approx. 10hours each day, depending on your Latitude.


Land Area Available ?

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Explain the type of Ground/Soil at this Location ? 


Are you considering Energy Storage ?

 Not Yet.      We are interested in Cost.      Looking to Expand existing Energy Storage.


How do you want to Sell Your Excess Energy ?


Do you need a Back-up Generator ?   NB: Generators can work On or Off grid.

 We are interested in incorporating a back-up Gen-set to Blackout proof our system. 

Please ask if there are any Questions you have ?

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