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Dual Axis-solar Tracking Units (DAT)

:: Dual Axis-Solar Tracking ::

DAT Racking is simply the Superior Racking method available for Generating/Harvesting Solar Energy, for Consumption &/or Storage!

Yes, DAT Racking is more expensive, however, the pay-off is a Quicker Return on investment cost, that in turn is greatly assisted if you are claiming the Governments Renewable Energy Credits (REC), as the REC's cover the cost of the Solar Panels +some.

How to Install a DAT: Solar Tracking Unit.

Soon, DAT installation will be able to be done at Ground level using our Hinged Mast design (currently in development).

We are one of the very few businesses offering small Residential sized DAT's up to larger DAT's, commonly more suited for Solar Farms & Rural installations ! (see below equipment)

We commonly just supply the main DAT & Solar Panels, as 95% of customers are on Rural Properties & undertake the full installation themselves.

The installation consists of the customer Digging the Foundation hole & Trenching for Conduit, and purchasing all the Wiring required from the DAT to the where the Inverter is housed.

Digging the Trench & installing Conduit & DAT Foundation is considered the most time consuming part of the project, leaving the Assembly of the DAT units & fitting of Solar Panels until last.

Why purchase a massive Roof-Top solar system that uses approx. 60% More Solar Panels, and Fixed solar panel Racking, only Generate Energy for approx. 5 hours per Day, and Roof-top systems are more difficult & dangerous to clean & maintain.

Dual Axis-solar Trackers are Superior at Generating Energy !

Dual Axis Slew Drive.

Our 2021 Pre-Production DAT-1 Solar Tracking Prototype;

This is our fist Pre-production, Single Panel DAT-1 Module, designed for Residential Tenants to take with them when they move to the next abode !

  • 7kWh/p Day fitted with 1x 690W panels.
  • 5kWh/p Day fitted with 1x 500W panels.
  • 4kWh/p Day fitted with 1x 440W panels.
  • 3kWh/p Day fitted with 1x 300W panels.

Click here to see this DAT-1 Prototype.

This DAT only has a 60mm diameter Mast, but would be manufactured with a more robust, and shorter Mast, as Panels height above the ground can be from 10cm upwards at Sunrise & Sunset, during the day there will less tilt, common distance would be 60~90cm, or Higher if livestock vacate the Area.

This bespoke DAT-1 is controlled by Light, Wind & Stop sensors, and a 16v Super Capacitor (SC) battery module.  The Tracking system housed in the S/Steel Control Box housing is Not connected to the Solar Panel output, there is a separate tiny solar panel that trickle charge the SC battery.

Our DATs Control modules can be ordered in either 24V or 240V, this largely depends on if you want to run Wiring out from the Premises in either Voltage, or just Solar Cabling!

Single Panel DAT-1 Prototype.

Dual Axis Slew Drive.

DAT-4 Solar Tracking Unit will Harvest;

  • 22kWh/p Day fitted with 4x 500W panels.
  • 19kWh/p Day fitted with 4x 440W panels.
  • 17kWh/p Day fitted with 4x 380W panels.
  • 13kWh/p Day fitted with 4x 300W panels.

Click here to see DAT-4 Kit.

For many Residential customers this sized unit may Generate all there daily energy needs !

Narrow Stand DAT-4 Module.

Dual Axis Slew Drive.

DAT-8 Solar Tracking Unit will Generate;

  • 44kWh/p Day fitted with 8x 500W panels.
  • 38kWh/p Day fitted with 8x 440W panels.
  • 33kWh/p Day fitted with 8x 380W panels.
  • 26kWh/p Day fitted with 8x 300W panels.

This sized DAT Module supplies enough energy for large Residential with all the conveniences or even a Semi-Commerecial properties energy consumption.

Dual Axis Slew Drive.

DAT-8 with high Mast, fitted with 440W Longi Panels.

Wide Stand DAT-8 Module.

Dual Axis Slew Drive.

DAT-15 Solar Tracking Unit will Harvest;

  • 82kWh/p Day fitted with 15x 500W panels.
  • 72kWh/p Day fitted with 15x 440W panels.
  • 62kWh/p Day fitted with 15x 380W panels.
  • 49kWh/p Day fitted with 15x 300W panels.

Ideal for Commercial & Industrial energy consumption.

(image-1) (image-2) (image-3) (image-4)
(image-5) (image-6) (image-7) (image-8)
Dual Axis Slew Drive.

Wide Stand DAT-15 Module.

Wide Stand DAT-15 Module.

There are Two main types of DAT Racking:

  1. Vertical Pole-n-Beam DAT Racking is the most used solar racking (as above).
  2. Horizontal Beam DAT Racking. (commonly installed close to the ground or optional Higher Vertical Poles, allowing the Ground to be used below the Racking)

Each DAT Racking type have different engineering, Pole & Tilt Axis configuration that can be changed to suit each project.

The smallest vertical DAT unit under development is a Bespoke DAT-1 unit, that only requires a 130cm wide rotational area that provides dawn-to-dusk Sunlight, when the DAT-1 is fitted with 1x 500W Panels, it Generates/Harvests 9kWh/p energy per Day in the Sydney Region.

The standard Rural DAT's we recommend you install either a DAT-4 or DAT-8 units, these will Harvest between 22kWh/44kWh/p energy per day respectively if fitted with 500W solar panels, that would cover over 90% of Residential consumers, and small businesses in Australia.

DAT trackers capture the full extent of the sun's ray's, the further South of the Equator you live the better, up to 14 hours per day in south Tasmania, this is done by follow the sun completely, relevant to your global location.  The increase in energy captured by dual-axis solar trackers is increased by up to & more than 100%, than fixed flat mounted panels, as two-axis of rotation allow the tracker to position the solar modules/panels to face perpendicular to (directly at) the sun from dawn to dusk.

The Tracking Software adjusts for the sun’s height (latitude) as well as east to west rotation (sunrise to sunset), and automatically adjusts for seasons and faces the sun as it sits low in the horizon at sunrise and sunset, and obviously high in the sky in the middle of the day.

Yes, Installing a Dual-axis solar tracker is more complex (read instructions) and more expensive, however, the big pay-off is they Greatly increase the Solar energy harvested buy over 50%*, and only need 1/3 of the panels required of a flat roof-top system, due to the obscure angle of the sun striking Roof-top panels for 4~5 hours per day.

However, all Solar energy harvested is good for the environment, the Racking design choice is up to you, Fixed Flat & Tilted Rooftop or Ground mounted Racking are the worst at harvesting Solar energy, and can uses over double the Solar Panels to harvest the same Energy as a DAT unit.

So, for Residential urban/town customers with a sunny area, we recommend you purchase DAT-4 or DAT-8 Solar Tracking unit(s), and if required DAT units can easily be relocated, if install with a Spider Foundation and Earth Ground Screws, or you simple leave the Foundation behind & relocate the rest!

Our DAT units come purposely over-engineered, each with two 24V motors, east~west tracking via a Single-axis Slew Bearing, with north~south Tracking is done via a heavy duty Linear Actuator (screw jack).  You can now choose a residential DAT Kit that hold from 2~15 x 72cell 435W or 1~12 500W Solar Panels if you have the room!

In 2020 our Fully Automatic DAT Kits now come with a choice of Mast Height for increased ground clearance, all come with Slew Bearing, Linear Actuator, Weatherproof pole mounted Stainless Steel Control Box-n-housing, GPS, Wind speed sensor, and over rotation Stop kit are now standard, the purchase of a Foundation is Optional.

Dual Axis Tracker studies shows how they can re-pay the initial micro grid investment cost in 3~8 years, depending on the system, all done by replacing the power you purchase from the deceptively named Energy Retailers, by self consuming energy/power you produce, and then the system owner will no longer have an ongoing power bill for the next 30+ years, obviously a Battery is the turn-key part to becoming energy independent!

What's great about a Battery system: Batteries simply allows you to first & foremost store any excess energy you harvest or produce for later consumption, by commonly drawing energy directly from your batteries at sunset or extended bad weather.

Batteries are the big game charger in the Energy market - as during the day all excess energy is first sent to your batteries then once charged, you have the choice to automatically export your unused energy straight into the State Grid for a feed-in tariff - This simple means that at Sun set you will be consuming your own energy from your Batteries until sun-rise, thus eliminate paying the retailer for power after sun set & during the day - That is how you become energy independent !

Performance of Fixed Flat Panels v Solar Trackers in Australia

Again, solar trackers increases the performance of solar PV panels in the shoulder periods of the day, where a static fixed mount panel would only receive obscured sun exposure. This can be seen in the graphs of side by side solar tracking panels & static fixed panels.

Dual Axis Trackers & Equipment

Dual Axis Movements. Dual Axis Movements. Dual Axis Movements.

Dual-Axis Movements.


Bespoke ground mounted DAT-4 unit, could be roof mounted.


Larger than needed Foundation hole dug with an excavator.

Dual Axis Movements.   Dual Axis Slew Drive.   Dual Axis Movements.

If using an Auger a 40~60cm diameter foundation hole should be 30cm deeper than the foundation pole length.


Customers foundation design,  with Reo Bars used to strengthen against wind load.


130cm Pole set in 90cm of cement with Reo Bar Beams to strengthen stability.

Dual Axis Slew Drive.   Dual Axis Slew Drive.   Dual Axis Slew Drive.

DAT-6 Unit:

with 250cm Mast.


DAT-9 Unit:

9x 500W, 96cell Panels.

4.5kWh/p Solar Array.


DAT-12 Unit:

12x 72cell Solar Array.

(12x 350W =4.2kWh/p)

Dual Axis Slew Drive.   Dual Axis Slew Drive.   Dual Axis Slew Drive.

DAT-24 Unit:

24x 500W 96cell Panels.

12kWh/p Solar Array.


DAT-42 Unit:

42x 380W, 72cell Modules.


DAT-42 Unit:

42x 380W =15.96kWh/p Array.


Soil Ground Screw.

Rock Ground Screw.


NEW Dual Axis Tracker.

  NEW Dual Axis Tracker.

Soil and Rock Screws


DAT-15 Spider Foundation:

Dina-Bolt to Concrete slab saves time & installation labour.


Ground Screw

For Clay, Sand or Soil.

Like the roots of a Tree, the Spider Ground Screw Foundation spreads the Weight & Wind load forces over a very wide area.

The big benefit is the Speed of installation, as a DAT unit can be Installed, Assembled & Working on the Same day!

Not to mention the significant Labour, Transport & Materials cost reduction, required when installing and pouring large Cement foundation block(s).


240V Electric Hand Ground Screw Driver:


Large Ground Screws

Ground Screws are available in various lengths and diameters, suitable for different ground conditions, from Earth, Clay, Sand and special Rock screws etc..

NEW Dual Axis Tracker.   NEW Dual Axis Tracker.   Linear Actuator

Rotational Stop Censor:

Comes with Wires, bolts & Mounting Bracket.


WIND Speed Indicator:

Kit comes with Wire, fittings & Mounting Bracket.


Linear Actuator for Latitude (Tilt) Tracking.

Dual Axis Slew Drive.   Dual Axis Slew Drive.   Dual Axis Slew Drive.

8cm (3") Dual-Axis Geared Slew Bearing.

Unit weight 33kg.


18cm (7") Dual-Axis Motorised Slew Bearings.


18cm (7") Dual-Axis Motorised Slew Bearings.

Unit weight 50kg.

Crated DAT Kits.   CratedDAT Kits.   Crated Solar Panels.

Crated DAT Kits.


Crated DAT Kits.


Palletised Solar Panels.

NB: Solar Arrays without Battery storage, will provide little return on investment using the 10 cents kWh Retailer feed-in tariff, as you will simply remained enslaved to the paying the full retail price for energy after sunset!

Remember, the purpose of Solar Trackers is to generate substantially more energy than standard flat or fixed tilted solar Racking, as solar tracking greatly improves the energy harvested and leads quicker energy independence, if you produce more energy than you consume & have Energy storage, it opens the opportunities to become a Peer-to Peer (P2P) energy Trader.


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