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About this business

We have been involved with alternate energy for nearly 50 years, where my Father sold and repaired heavy Lead acid batteries with bitumen sealed tops (that you could pull-apart and repaired back then), these batteries were used for off grid living, commonly used for 12v, 24v & 36v DC lighting back then, and some of the early battery charges used a Vehicle Alternator adapted to homemade engines, in later years 240V Generators became common place to power fridges, water heaters, power tools, welders and re-charge Battery banks.

Back then off grid people were coined "Hippies & Hill Billie’s", now we tag them as Greenies, ....But not the brain dead political urban type, that live in concrete homes & have phones smarter than themselves, and walk around like urban Lemmings (.mp4).

Decades later, this industry has changed dramatically in cost and affordability of equipment, especially in the last 5 years, where now an investment of $5'000~12'000, a person with a $300~600 power bill can become power independent instantly, and the correct system will last for well over two decades, obviously excluding catastrophic natural events.

With over 20 years of importing/exporting experience, we have simply remove the pyramid of middle-men, by doing so we are able to provide genuine wholesale prices, even for those in the industry!

This site is basically set-up to assist and educate people to better understand and navigate the complications associated with becoming Energy Independent of the deceptively named "Electricity Retailers", that make over 45% profit for simply sending you a bill, and lets not forget the self regulated "Energy Regulator", that let this happen!

Get some confidence, Go Independent and Invest in Yourself !

We don't retail products, nor do we commonly install equipment, as most customers are Farmers, who undertake the installation our DATs & Batteries, while high DC voltage wiring requires Caution!  A licensed Electrician is required to get a system legally approved, we simply make way for true wholesale prices few will match!

As such, we are not interested in competing with common Roof-top solar companies, however, be aware that many of these companies use the Deceptive marketing term "Tier-1 Panels, the term "Tier-1" has NOTHING to do with the Quality of Solar Panels or Equipment, it is a ranking scale started by Bloomberg Energy Finance Corporation, and is used to rank solar panel manufacturers in terms of their bank-ability or financial stability only.

We market quality Solar Panels, Dual-Axis Solar Tracking units, Batterys and Inverters, when it comes to Solar Generation, we want people to get the best & fastest possible return on there investment, with on-going savings for the next 20+ years, that is the main reason we recommend Dual Axis Tracking (DAT) Units, we also offer Single Axis Tracking (SAT) units, and special glasshouse type bespoken solar roofing & veranda privacy panels, these Bi-facial panels are a Great way of Generating additional energy from areas that are normally overlooked.  We can also supplied Flexible Solar Panels for 4X4WD, Motor homes & Yachts etc.

Please Note: We sell equipment at genuine wholesale prices and don't offer "CaveMan" Roof-top solar Racking or installation services, your Electrician, trades person or handyman are legally allowed to install Batteries & equipment, However, once you connect DC power to the Inverter & switch it on, the 240V AC output circuit will be live and DANGEROUS !   To finalise a system installation you should engage a qualified Electrician, especially if you intend to connect your premises to the State Grid, your system will need to be certified by qualified Electrician.

We are located in Sydney, and we offer Nationally Freighting using either Barnetts Transport for east coast and TOLL Freight for National delivery if required.  We save customers hundreds of dollars by shipping directly from our manufacturers into the nearest Port, where the customer will save upwards of $250 on each item ordered, or we can Freight Port to site.

You will not find a phone number on this site, not because we don't want to talk to you, we simply don't want to be called all hours of the day and night, by people that don't bother reading the information provided on this site, we also operate other businesses.

So, to assist you purchase the correct system, we need to know what your energy consumption is, then you can either fill in this Free online System Quotation Form or fill in this Package Deal form, it will save both our time, as we run a paperless office.

If on the other hand you are lost in all the information to absorb, you may be best to initially read the information on the Home page, then we recommend you go grab your most expensive power bill and enter that information into this Micro Power Grid Break-Even calculator (see the other Project links atop the RHS of the page), the calculators will show you what is needed to replace your current power bill, and most importantly the time it takes to recover your system investment cost, from that day onwards, your system will provide FREE power for the next 20+ years, predominantly dependant on the Inverter & battery technology you purchase!

We do NOT distribute the information you supply, nor will you get bombarded by unwanted emails.

We offer independent Off-Grid and Grid-tied system Package Deals, and we look forward to hearing from you.

If we don't happen to reply within 24 hours, we are possibly out of the office or away.

Yours sincerely,


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