Welcome to Australian Micro Power Grids

Please Note: We mainly supply Dual Axis-solar Tracking kits (DAT's) to Rural customers!

We are attempting to educate one person at a time that a DAT;

  1. Only takes 2~3 years to break even on nearly every DAT investment cost.
  2. By investing in the correct kWh of Energy Storage, you instantly become Energy Independent !
  3. Depending on your energy Consumption, the additional cost for Energy storage commonly takes 1~2 additional years to brake even on your investment.
  4. Thereafter you will have FREE Energy for the next 30+ years!

However, other than solar panel Hail damage, Inverters are the most common piece of equipment that Fails over time, as they do all the Hard work of transforming Power & managing the System operation.

Where all Solar Panels & Batteries are pretty well Dumb servants to a system, some batteries require a BMS to safely control the cell charge rate & Heat, solar panels are only fitted with protective directional Diodes!

There are several Pros & Cons to consider for any Micro Power Grid, besides the system cost, it mainly comes down to Two Daily events, the total kWh of Energy Generated, and the total kWh Energy Consumed.

As an example: A premises that Consumes 5kWh energy between Sunset to Sunrise, then the 5kWh would be the smallest Energy Storage Capacity anyone should be recommending, as the more kWh of energy storage you have, the more secure your Power Supply will be!

The PRO's: For True Energy independence, people need to start looking at Energy Storage like a Tank of Petrol, the more kWh of Energy Stored, the longer it will last during Bad weather & Cloudy days.  Off-grid people know this as they rarely need to use a fuel Generator for back-up-power, with the Correct kWh capacity Energy Storage, and as such would rarely need to Import energy, even if you were Grid Connected!

In March 2021 with the Exchange Rate of $0.77, our Price for 20.48kWh (2x 10.24kWh) Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) Battery cost is $8'600 (=$420kWh), +Delivery or FREE Collection.

The Big CON's: People Exporting there Solar Energy into the State Grid at 10c kWh, have to Gift the first 800kWh of energy to pay for an $80 "Service Charge", to remain connected to the State-Grid.

What most people are Not aware that Your Solar is going to your Neighbours down the line, where the "Rip-off Retailers" Charge 30c kWh for your energy, thus Profiting $240 from you First 800kWh energy, and any remaining energy you export is making Retailers more profit.

What does a modern, compact Micro Grid looks Like ?

This is what an 8 panel (DAT-8) Solar Array looks like, a DAT-8 Generates 38kWh/p Energy per Day, a DAT-8 Module replaces over 22 Fixed roof-top solar panels of equal Watts.

With Solar & Energy Storage at it's lowest ever, Energy independence starts from as little as $10'000 for 19kwh Consumer, and DAT's & Energy storage systems are Transportable.

Our Vision: To see every Australian yard with a 4 Panel Dual Axis-solar Tracker (DAT), as when fitted with 4x 440W Solar Panels, a DAT-4 Generates 19kWh peak energy per Day!

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average Australian household Spends $40 week on Energy, so if you are paying $0.30kWh that equates to 19kWh per Day.

Some Electric vehicle store up to 100kWh Energy, that's 10 times more energy stored than the average Household.  So, why can't that energy be used to power the home when plunged in, then the Vehicle can be assist if called upon, and be either Charged at Off-peak Rates Overnight, or at Sunrise when a Solar Array starts Generating Energy at approx. 6am.

NB: 6am Energy Generation can ONLY be obtained if you install a DAT module, or SAT module!

We hope the deceptively named "Energy Retailers" (Who Don't actually Pay for the energy you consume) will become obsolete in the very near future, as Micro Power Generators have already started selling there Energy Directly to Consumers via P2P Energy Trading, this technology is currently been rolled out in Australia & world wide by the Australian company "Power Ledger", the Energy is being Paid for via Crypto Currency, we believe P2P trading is the Future of the Energy sector in Australia!


Becoming Energy Independent requires just 3 items;

1) Solar Energy 2) Energy Storage 3) The Sun.

If you already have Solar installed you are well on your way, However unless you invest in Energy Storage you will remain ENSLAVED to accepting what the deceptively named energy retailers charge for energy from Sunset to Sunrise, this is commonly 300% more than any Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) Offered by Retailers, remember Retailers do NOT actually pay for the energy you consume, they make approx. 45% profit on your consumption & only supply you with a bill.

1) Solar Panels: We supply several.

  • 300W, 120cell, Half cut panel technology, 12BB (12 wire Bus-bar) with PERC technology.
  • 380W 72cell with either 6BB, 9BB or 12BB with PERC panel technology.
  • 435W, 144cell, Half cut panel (module) technology with PERC technology.
  • 500W, 96cell solar panels Generate 85% more energy for 25+ years, than old 270W panels!

2) Battery storage & Why they are becoming so popular ?

  • Because REAL energy independence only starts when you Store more kWh energy than consumption from Sunset to Sunrise!  As that allows you to self consume your own energy after sunset, instead of exporting your unused daytime energy into the state grid for measly Rebate!
  • When it is smarter to Save *30cents kWh by consuming your stored energy when required, usually after Sunset and through to the next Sunrise!

3) An Inverter to Control your Micro Power Grid.

  • Hybrid Inverters controls every aspect of your Power management System: Some Hybrid inverters provide multiple DC & AC power management options, allowing you to select where power is drawn from & when it is needed.  Traditionally if your off-grid and drain your Battery bank after sun-set, some hybrid inverter can trigger the Automatic Generator Start (AGS) function or if State-Grid connected, the option to Import power as the third fail safe option, prior to a Black-out situation.

Once a Micro Grid is installed, it instantly start generating savings, by not needing to import energy via an Electricity Retailer, that DON'T actually supply or pay for the electricity you consume, many people are unaware that Retailers can make over 45% profit for simply supplying you with an energy bill.

Micro Power Grids can be a Self-funded investment that pays for itself in 3~6years with energy savings, leaving you with NO ongoing Power costs for decades to come, only if your system is correctly matched to your daily energy consumption!

Totally Off-Grid systems don't really have a break even time frame, they only have a "Cost to purchase, install & maintain", Click Here & select an Investment Calculator closest to your "Electricity Consumption", the various calculators will give you a benchmark break-even time frame, based on power Savings and ongoing financial savings based on the equipment you choose.

If you plan Nothing, you will succeed at Nothing !