True Independent Micro Power Grids

Intelligent ways of implementing truly Independent Power !

Important facts to understand:

  1. Why has Battery storage become so popular?  Because 'Electricity Retailers' make up to 45% profit on your power bill & ONLY compete to provide you with a bill, they do NOT actually supply you any electricity!
  2. Solar Rebates: From the start of 2017 Retailers now only offer a measly $0.08 kWh feed-in Tariff for excess power that you don't use, then after hours you are charge over 300% more than the feed-in Tariff rate, you loose either way!
    So, obviously you are way better off storing and self consuming your own power!
  3. Totally Off-grid systems do not really have a break even time frame, they only have a "Cost to purchase, operate & Maintain", obviously calculating your total system cost and kW usage against the "Electricity Retail Rates", will give you a benchmark break-even time frame!
  4. Our standard silenced Diesel Generators produce electricity at $0.22 c/kWh whilst Diesel fuel is $1.10 litre, that is cheaper than the current Domestic power rate of $0.25kWh in Sydney, country rates are even higher!  Each unit uses automatic switching gear to start & stop as programmed, the charge controller top-up your battery bank whilst operating, this method of charging uses minimal fuel.  If you don't mind getting your hands a little soiled, we can show you how to produce green clean power at $0.02kWh, yes that is correct, Two cents per kWh!  This method is not for everyone, Click Here if interested in spending under $400 on readily available equipment and a few hours a month to accomplish this!

The Diesel power plants we sell are individually built;

  • To operate as a 'Standalone Independent Micro Grid' or be State Grid compatible.
  • Can easily be incorporated with any existing power system.
  • Power management & charging via Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Charge Controller.
  • Silenced Generator Noise level of 65db at 7mt on Diesel or Waste Vegetable oil.

We look forward to you reading the information on our site and hearing from you when you are ready to order!

10kWh Silenced Generator in Houseing.

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